Top 3 shows according to NAVI.Apex Legends

APEX / News / 16 March 2020 — 19:17

NAVI.Apex share their favorite shows!

In ua Natus Vincere, players not only love to get a sick headshots and timed ultimates, but also appreciates great movies and TV shows. So, we asked the participants of ua NAVI.Apex to share three favorite TV shows that they would watch again and again, especially during quarantine. Maybe you'll find something for yourself?

byKirill "9impulse" Kostiv
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«Rick and Morty»

byNikita "clawz" Marchinsky
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«South Park»

«BoJack Horseman»


byAlexey “cYpheR” Yanushevsky
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ruDmitry "fyzu" Petrov
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I will not name the most popular, like, “The Mandalorian”, “Sex Education”, “Chernobyl”, “Silicon Valley”, “The Witcher”. I think everyone's seen them already. I'm gonna name something a little unknown, something that was interesting for me personally.

«Lethal Weapon»

«Lost in Space»

«Good Omens»