NAVI participating in WeSave! Charity Play

Dota 2 / News / 17 March 2020 — 14:41

The competition will be held from March 20 to 26.

ua Natus Vincere will play at WeSave!Charity Play hosted by WePlay. The total prize money of $120,000 will be donated to special organizations to fight the COVID-19 coronavirus.

The tournament will cover six regions - CIS, China, Europe, Southeast Asia, North and South America. In each region, the prize pool is $ 20,000, but it can be increased by online donations from viewers.

The competition format is the same for each region: four teams will play the Single Elimination bracket with the best of 3 matches. In the CIS region, alongside ua NAVIare ru andru HellRaisers.

The championship will be broadcast in Russian, English, and Ukrainian. uaNatus Vincere coach,uaAndrey Mag Chipenko will be covering the tournamentalongside other talents invited to the studio.