Panix: meet the player

R6 / News / 25 March 2020 — 19:35

The new member of Natus Vincere R6 is Dimitri "Panix" De Longeaux.

On March 21, ch Dimitri “Panix de Longeaux  the gb NatusVincere Rainbow Six Siege. Let's get to know the newcomer of the team.

Dimitri has extensive experience not only on the professional stage of the Rainbow Six Siege. He started playing at the competitive level back in Titanfall and Call of Duty. Moreover, in the first shooter ch Panix played on the Xbox One console and managed to achieve considerable results, becoming the European champion of 2014.

In Call of Duty, his career did not last long: Dimitri was a member of the fr InFamouS eSport, and soon he completely switched to Rainbow Six Siege. It's also interesting that ch Panix tried himself in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but his love for Ubisoft 's tactical shooter was greater.

Panix at Gamers Assembly 2018 ()

Dimitri made his first steps to reach the high level in the fr Aera Esport team, for which he played for six months. As part of this team, he won his first major trophy — the DreamHack Tours 2016 Cup.

Soon the players bid farewell to the French organization and switched to a new tag — de Playing Ducks. The team performed relatively well: took third place in the Pro League, and was also close to getting into the Six Invitational 2017. However, this was not enough for him, and he decided to leave the team.

That's how fr Team Vitality, a French organization, appeared in Dimitri's career, for which he had been competing for over a year. ch Panix's achievements during this time include winning the Coupe de France 2017 as well as getting into the Six Invitational 2018. And the team got the slot in a very unusual way — with the help of fan voting. However, in Montreal, the team lost both matches, did not advance from the group stage and took last places at the World Championship.

After the tournament, ch Panix, together with teammates, ended up at eu Mock-It Esports, where he won the Coupe de France 2018. After six months of playing in this team, one organization got interested in the them and it was eu PENTA, which was left without its champion line-up and was looking for players to return to the professional stage. The choice fell on the players of eu Mock-It Esports.

Panix at DreamHack Austin 2018 ()

Despite some skepticism of the community, the team took second place in 6Cup 2018, won the Castle Siege 2018, and also took second place at the DreamHack Winter 2018, which subsequently allowed them to get to the Six Invitational 2019. However, this was a key moment in ch Panix's career: the player found himself on the bench because of "team disagreements".

At the risk of being out of the World Championship, he played in the team eu PACT in the European Qualification together with gb Kendrew and pl Saves. Alas, the guys could not pass the "bloodbath" of the qualifying matches.

Last season he started playing at the it EnD Gaming, but soon joined a new organization in the esports scene — fr BDS Esport. In a fairly short time, the team managed to become a serious force: the team took part in DreamHack Montreal 2019, where it took third place, successfully overcame the Challenger League, and also played in OGA PIT Season 3. But the main achievement was the success in qualifying for the Six Invitational 2020, where the team won all five matches and got a slot at the World Championship.

Panix at DreamHack Montreal 2019 ()

Things seemed to be going well for ch Panix, but unexpectedly for many, the organization announced that the player was benched. A very resentful deja vu for Dimitri, who for the second time in a row watched Six Invitational unfold on a sideline. At the same time, the player had to wait for the transfer window and thus was effectively out of the professional Rainbow Six Siege scene.

To ch Panix's credit, the situation has hardened his character. Dimitri is more than ever determined to prove to all the spiteful critics that he is a player of the highest level! We're sure he'll become an integral part of the gb Natus Vincere, and the skillful plays on signature operators such as Capitao, IQ, Lesion, and Ela will delight fans many times! #navination

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