ESL One Rio Major: regional tournament

CS2 / News / 3 April 2020 — 14:40

A new path to the major!

Valve, together with ESL, announced that twenty-four participants of the ESL One Rio Major will be determined by the regional ranking. The announcement was published after the to Autumn and the second Major Tournament was canceled. 

The first online series of regional competitions will take place from April 22 to May 17. There will be 56 teams in all regions. Valve is planning to hold the second tournament of the series in autumn. The total prize pool will be $255,000, $50,000 will be allocated to the CIS region and 12 teams will fight for it. Below you can see the slot allocation table, which is based on the results of the Berlin Major.

Distribution of slots
Regions Legends Challengers Contenders
CIS 2 1 2
Europe 3 5 2
North America 3 2 1
South America - - 1
Asia - - 1
Oceania - - 1

It should be noted that invites were given to the teams that already had a slot in a Major or who recently qualified for the minor. Thus, the CIS division consists of ua NAVI, kz, kz Winstrike, ru Gambit Youngsters, kz Syman, ru Spirit, ru ESPADA, ru Hard Legion, ru Unique and ru forZe. The organizers will announce two more teams soon. The teams from CIS region will enter the fight on April 30.