ESPN #Esports64 bracket 2020: Support s1mple!

CS2 / News / 3 April 2020 — 15:30

New tournament from a popular sports resource!

For the fourth consecutive year, ESPN holds a competition between popular streamers, professional players and personalities for the most supported idol among fans. In the past, us Lethulus Ninja and fr Gotaga have won this competition.

In the new tournament, ua NAVI player ua Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev got his chance! Sasha successfully overcame the first two stages, beating the player in Smash us LiquidHbox and the representative of the us EG team — us Arteezy. In the new round, the popular American streamer us pokimane became ua s1mple's rival. Voting of this stage will take place on April 2-3. You can support Sasha by giving your vote in the post below.

Recall that recently ua NAVI successfully completed the first stage of the ESL Pro League S11 and went to the next round of competitions, which will begin on April 13. We believe that ua Natus Vincere players will be well prepared for new rivals and will go into the playoffs of the championship! #navination