ESL Pro League S11: facing Astralis

CS2 / News / 5 April 2020 — 12:55

The game starts at 18:00 CEST

In the new round of ESL Pro League S11 ua NAVI will face dk Astralis. The match will begin on April 5 at 18:00 CEST and will be held in the best of 3 format.

Despite the unsuccessful start of the previous stage (defeated by  dk North and  de BIG), our guys were able not only to improve their position in group B, but also to take first place, having won in the remaining matches (ru forZe,  us Complexity,  se fnatic). As for  dk Astralis, the Danish squad lost only one game in the last round (se NiP). Thanks to this result, the Danes took the lead in group A, avoiding the deciders.  

The last time ua NAVI faced dk Astralis was at IEM Katowice 2020, and then our squad defeated the opponent (2 : 0). In the last three months, the Danes have the best results on Nuke (2 wins, 0 losses). On the other hand, their worst maps are Inferno (1 victory, 2 losses) and Nuke (2 victories, 2 losses). dk Astralis has a permaban map as well - Mirage. We hope that  ua Natus Vincere will thoroughly study the opponent and begin the new stage of the tournament with a victory! #navination

ESL Pro League S11 (BO3)
April 5 at 18:00 CEST
0: 0
Natus Vincere
  • s1mple
  • electronic
  • Boombl4
  • flamie
  • Perfecto
  • dev1ce
  • dupreeh
  • Xyp9x
  • gla1ve
  • Magisk

Inferno — Natus Vincere [5:16] Astralis

The initial part of the game was dominated by dk Astralis: the Dutch won the pistols, force buy and eco. The first gun round was claimed by ua NAVI, but unfortunately, we lost the subsequent one, which dealt quite a serious blow to our economy. 

When the economy of the CT side stabilized, dk Astralis still kept control of the game. ua NAVI had to go for a timeout before round 8, as the game was becoming hard. Round 9 saw the first point go to our team, after the gun round at the beginning. This turn of events forces the opponent to go for a tactical timeout. The end of the first half was good for  ua NAVI, so it ended with a more acceptable score – 5 : 10 in favor of dk Astralis.

The second half didn't go much better from the start. We lost the first few rounds, as the opponent gained even more points. During the gun round, ua NAVI was close to winning, but unfortunately,  ua s1mple wasn't able to clutch it out against dk Xyp9x.  dk Astralis gained 10 match points after the next round. In the end dk Astralis defeated ua NAVI on Inferno — 16 : 5. 

Natus Vincere
Players Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 16-15 +1 88.2 1.12
flamie 10-13 -3 48.2 0.72
Boombl4 12-17 -5 69.0 0.70
Perfecto 7-15 -8 63.4 0.62
electronic 6-14 -8 38.4 0.56

Dust2 — Natus Vincere [16:10] Astralis

The pistol and eco round, like in the previous game, were taken by dk Astralis. In the gun round, ua NAVI tried to go for a play on A short and stairs but that didn't quite work out. As a result, the Danes claimed a comfortable 4:0 lead. It took us a while to get the economy back on track, but when we did, we managed to claim the first point of the game, playing through A long.

2 more rounds followed the suit, and ua Natus Vincere managed to break even (4:4) and take control over the situation. The teams traded rounds, and CT side was left with no money in the bank but keeping 2 rifles. Those rifles didn't help much, though. The end of the half was dictated by ua NAVI till the very end — 10:5

 dk Astralis had to win either pistol or force buy to be able to bounce back into the game. This proved to be too hard for them, and they fell further behind.

The last chance round for dk Astralis was the 19th, as the economic advantage of  ua Natus Vincere was becoming too overpowering to deal with. The attackers went for B split, planted, but didn't manage to take down the CTs. 

Following that, the T side had a few successful rounds going towards B. Round 24 saw ua NAVI finally get to the match point — we had 6 rounds to close out the game. It didn't take us long to do it — 16:10, and we go to the decider.

Natus Vincere
Players Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 21-12 +9 77.8 1.37
flamie 16-11 +5 59.4 1.17
electronic 16-16 0 90.0 1.14
Perfecto 17-17 0 77.8 1.02
Boombl4 15-17 -2 57.3 1.00

Train — Natus Vincere [16:8] Astralis

The starting portion of Train was claimed by ua NAVI: pistol, force buy and eco all the way to seize an early 3:0 lead. The victory in the gun round destroyed the money of the opponent and allowed us to secure even more points, as we landed on a comfortable 5:0 lead.

As the CT side managed to get their economy together, they earned their first point, yet immediately trading a round back, which dealt a blow to the economy of dk Astralis. Before the round 10, the opponent took a tactical timeout, which yielded its fruits — after the short talk, the opponent managed to claim a second point. However, there was not much left to be in the first half, so ua NAVI kept the lead, going into the second half with 5:10 score.

The second half started with dk Astralis winning the pistol, and our squad got a point back in the force buy. Due to technical issues, there was a pause before the gun round. The gun round went the way of the opponent, as they got their second point, but that was it for this half. Despite the best attempts, dk Astralis wasn't able to do much. So, ua NAVI takes the win on Train with the score of 16 : 8, winning the series 2:1.

Natus Vincere
Players Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
Boombl4 21-13 +8 105.9 1.50
electronic 19-14 +5 95.2 1.47
s1mple 20-16 +4 81.0 1.17
Perfecto 17-16 +1 68.9 1.03
flamie 12-16 -4 39.2 0.83

Overall match stats

Natus Vincere
Players Kill/Death +/- ADR Rating
s1mple 57-43 +14 82.0 1.22
Boombl4 48-47 +1 77.2 1.07
electronic 41-44 -3 76.5 1.06
flamie 38-40 -2 49.3 0.92
Perfecto 41-48 -7 70.5 0.90