Quake Pro League Stage 3: facing vengeurR

Quake / News / 5 April 2020 — 14:27

The game starts at 21:00 CEST

Today, as part of the third stage of Quake Pro Leagueby Alexey “cYpheR” Yanushevski will with it Marco“vengeurR” Ragusa. The series will be played on Blood Run, Awoken and Molten Falls.

The opponents currently have the same game stats, but Alex is 8 points ahead of Marco. The difference is very small, which means that in the upcoming match one of the participants will break ahead.

VengeurR ()

it VengeurR is one of the youngest professional players in the discipline: Marco is only 21 years old. However, the age difference between him and most of the participants does not prevent the player from showing impressive results. So, in the LAN final of the second stage of Quake Pro League , he took fourth place.

The upcoming match is important for both by cYpheR and it vengeurR, so it will most likely turn out to be spectacular and interesting. We believe that Alexey will be able to achieve victory! #navination