NAVI invited to DreamHack Masters Spring Europe

CS2 / News / 14 April 2020 — 15:24

A new tournament for our guys!

The organizer announced the last two participants of DreamHack Masters Spring, which is ua Natus Vincere and dk Heroic. In addition to our team, dkAstralis, frTeam Vitality, eumousesports, fr G2 Esports,seFnatic, euFaZe Clanand others received an invitation to the tournament.

Earlier it was announced that DreamHack Masters Jönköping 2020 will be held online and will be renamed into DreamHack Masters Spring. In addition to the European division, the games will be held in North America, Asia and Oceania. The start of the tournament is scheduled for May 19. The total prize pool of the championship will be $ 160,000.

In the tournament, 16 teams will divide into 4 groups of 4 participants. The group stage will use a GSL system with best-of-3 matches. Two best teams of each group will proceed to playoffs. At that stage of the tournament, we will be seeing a single-elimination bracket with bo3 games and a bo5 final. We hope that ua NAVI will be able to win and strengthen their position in the world ranking! #navination