NAVI.CS:GO is the top of the hours watched chart

CS2 / News / 15 April 2020 — 13:08

Our CS:GO team is the most popular in the CIS

 has counted the number of hours the viewers spent watching the CIS CS:GO teams in 2019. ua Natus Vincere squad is the top team watched on Twitch.

So, the Russian-speaking audience totaled 10.3 million hours. Overall, 33.8 million hours of  ua NAVI have been watched around the world. The graph shows the Born to Win is in the lead with a big gap between them and the second team. For example, kz Avangar, currently sitting in second place, has 19.6 million hours overall (4.6 million being CIS views).

The number is impressive, but this isn't the peak yet: from the beginning of 2020 all the way to April 7, the fans watched ua Natus Vincerefor over 20 million hours. #navination