Players of the FC Krasnodar will take part in «ANTI-CORONA SHOW»

News / 15 April 2020 — 14:13

Matvei Safonov and Rémy Cabella will take part in "ANTI-CORONA SHOW"

of "ANTI-CORONA SHOW" is over! Thanks to you, ua NAVI CS:GO players and popular streamers have collected over 300,000 rubles. Let's see what milestone we will get through together today?

At 19:00 ru Egor "flamie" Vasilev and ua Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev will lead their teams, which will again include the guys, well-known to the audience of the Twitch platform, as well as special guests - players of the FC "Krasnodar" ru Matvei Safonov and fr Rémy Cabella.

Today, the goalkeeper and midfielder of the FC Krasnodar will change their usual roles and practice their marksmanship, and during breaks between the maps they will talk to the newly formed teammate and the host of the showmatch ua Alexey Kostylev, they will reflect on the situation in the world and atypical for the football players everyday life in the four walls.

Team 1 Team 2
fr (FC Krasnodar)  ru Matvei Safonov (FC Krasnodar)
uaNAVI.s1mple ()  ru NAVI.flamie ()
ruGENSYXA ()  ru Smorodinova ()
ruDenly ()  ru seized ()
ruQRUSH ()  ru LORAEN ()

Later, the title partner of ua NAVI will double the amount raised and transfer it to the GlobalGiving Coronavirus Relief Fund. Together we can do a truly good deed and take care of each other at a difficult time!