Quake Pro League Stage 3: facing toxjq

Quake / News / 19 April 2020 — 09:48

The game starts at 22:00 CEST

The next opponent of by Alexey “cYpheR” Yanushevsky in the third stage of the Quake Pro League will be se Johan“toxjq” Quick. The match will see the players fight on Awoken, Blood Run and Ruins of Sarnath.

Alexey’s rival is not having the greatest run: the Swedish esportsman has only one victory and 3 defeats. However, this did not stop Johan from earning 48 points, and now he has every chance of catching up with the players in the upper half of the tournament table.

Toxjq ()

Alexey, in turn, earned 64 points with three wins and one defeat. ua Natus Vincere player is fourth in the European Region but is able to rise even higher. To do this, of course, he needs to win the upcoming match.

se toxjq is definitely not someone to be underestimated: even though his recent performance is suffering, Johan is still an experienced and strong player. Today's duel will be interesting and, we believe, victorious for by cYpheR! #navination