Happy birthday cYpheR!

APEX / News / 2 May 2020 — 01:30

Happy Birthday!

On May 2nd, the coach of the by NAVI.Apex and one of the most famous players in the Quake discipline by Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky celebrates his birthday. Join us and wish a happy birthday in comments!

A veteran of the professional game, by cYpheR has tried almost all versions of the shooter. His professional career began in 2006: since then he has repeatedly become world champion and won many tournaments. 

Alexei joined our organization in April 2019 and became one of the players in the Apex Legends team. Later, by cYpheR joined the team as a coach and started to combine the role of coach and player in Quake. He is now participating in the third stage of Quake Pro League Season 1.  

We all join in sending our best wishes to Alexei on this festive day. We wish him to always move only forward and reach new heights! #navination