Getting to know z1ronic

R6 / News / 6 May 2020 — 05:00

A new content maker of NAVI!

ua Natus Vincere welcomes one of the best Rainbow Six Siege content makers dk Alex “z1ronic” Dalgaard-Hansen. Meet the newcomer!

dk  z1ronic is quite well acquainted with R6 pro scene The former player has experience playing for several teams, a notable one being eu Playing Ducks, where he played with a current member of eu Natus Vincere ch Panix and finished second in Pro League Year 1 Season 3.

Z1ronic (second from right) together with Panix (in the middle) ()

Even though the pro path wasn't that long, thanks to it dk z1ronic  realized what he wanted to do. He became interested in the game during the first tests and realized that he had his own point of view on various game events. As a result, unexpectedly for himself, he first became a caster, and then got into the main tournament of the year, Six Invitational 2018, as an analyst. This moment was a turning point for  dk z1ronic.

Perfectly understanding the game, having experience performing on the professional stage, not shy about expressing his opinion and, of course, standing out with his beard, he quickly became a favorite of the community. This feature of  dk z1ronic became his brand and gave him the corresponding nickname - Blackbeard.

Z1ronic ()

Love for the competitive component of Rainbow Six Siege does not stop dk z1ronic from appreciating the lore of the game. Alex really likes the plot twists and turns and loves the way the community treats the lore. He thinks these things are interconnected and cannot exist without each other.

Beginner training is an important part of the Rainbow Six Siege. Alex admires all content makers who can teach something new through guides, streams or videos.  At the same time, dk z1ronic himself is actively and uploading various videos on his .

An interesting moment of his career is that initially Alex combined playing professionally with working as a fireman and builder. However, the love of Rainbow Six Siege ultimately prevailed, and  dk z1ronic ended up where he is now.

We are sure  that dk  z1ronic will delight eu Natus Vincere fans with his videos for a long time and will make even more people love the game. Welcome to our friendly team,  dk z1ronic!

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