CIS Cup: seeding results

CS2 / News / 13 May 2020 — 03:35

NAVI Junior — in group А!

The seeding took place for the group stage of the CIS Cup: ua NAVI Junior made it to Group A and learned that their rivals will be ru Espada, ru forZe and kz Winstrike.

Группа А
ua NAVI Junior
ru forZe
ru Espada
Группа Б
by Nemiga
kz Syman
ru 1WIN

The format of the tournament was not revealed yet. The tournament will be played from May 25 to 31. The winner of the CIS Cup will get the single ticket to BLAST Premier Spring Showdown for the CIS region, where dk Astralis, fr Vitality, fi ENCE and others will perform. 

Recall that the Born to Win has qualified for the main stage of the competition through the open qualifiers, where they defeated kz Syman (2 : 0) in the decisive match. We believe that the guys will delight us with quality Counter-Strike and will put up a fight against the strongest representatives of the CIS-region! #navination