Spunkki’s cards for signature champions

News / 10 February 2018 — 08:53

Play like a pro!

Our fi Teemu "spunkki" Tenhunen spoke on some of his favorite card builds for his signature champions and explained why he prefers them over other cards. Enjoy!


Legendary The Void abides: The best legendary for Seris since she lacks AOE heals and this one provides those.
Blood pact: A really good card for more sustain while healing your team.
Dark whisper: Enables you to escape almost any situation when going invisible with the speed boost.
Fade to black: Healing your team reduces the cooldown of the escape skill and makes you harder to kill
Veil: Faster cast time of invisibility will save you many times
Soul forge: Cooldown reductions are a must for healers


Legendaries Wekono’s curse / Spirit’s chosen: A simple choice: if you got two supports, use Wekono; if you are the only support, go for Spirits
Many gourds: A lower cooldown on Gourd allows you to either heal the team or damage enemies.
Eerie Presence: A great card, if/when you miss heals you get less cooldown.
Incorporeal: A basic card making you more tanky.
Feed the spirits: Good for reducing cooldowns on every kill or assist.
Lighter gourd: Enables you to heal or damage enemies with Gourd from even further away.


Lightyears: A must for any Jenos since it gives you a bigger range for setting up heals for the team.
Sidereal: Reveal is really good for 2 seconds, but it is the only card which you can change to what you like.
Relativity: A really good card to have because it gives you sustain even if you don’t have another support.
Retrograte: Duh. Reduces the cooldown of your heal and is a must.
Astral cycle: Increases the duration of your heal, which makes spamming heal much better.
Legendary Luminary: Pretty much the best legendary there is. Gives you damage AND ally damage boost while your heal is on them.
It is the best legendary since Cauterize gets online really fast that makes the other legendaries pretty bad.

We hope that this quick guide helps you step up your game as a support in Paladins! Cheer for eu Natus Vincere! #gonavi