Quake Pro League Season 3 finals: Day 2

Quake / News / 16 May 2020 — 12:54

Today we will find out who will play in the main stage of the championship!

The second game day of the final Quake Pro League Stage 3 will determine which of the players will start their performance in the main part of the championship. The first opponent of by Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky will be hu Adrián "RAISY" Birgány.

Unlike the ua NatusVincere player, who yesterday in the best of 3 series defeated se Johan "toxjq" Quick, the representative of eu Myztro Gaming skipped the first day. This was due to the fact that he won first place in the regular season, so he can prepare well for his upcoming matches.

CYPHER's match schedule
Start time Match Match page
Finished  by cYpheR [2 : 1] hu RAISY
17:00  by cYpheR vs TBD

It is worth saying that the last match between today's rivals ended in a victory for by cYpheR — 2 : 1. However, the Hungarian player is a very serious opponent, who, among other things, finished second in the final of the last stage.

Regardless of the result of the first game, by cYpheR will play at least one more match today. We believe that Alexey will be able to show his best game and enter the main stage of the tournament! #navination