Quake Pro League Stage 3: cYpheR's the runner-up

Quake / News / 18 May 2020 — 09:44

Second place for cYpheR!

The final of the third stage of the Quake Pro League is over. by Alexei “cYpheR” Yanushevsky lost in the final match and took the second place.

ua Natus Vincere player began his path in the championship from the very first round, beating se toxjq - 2: 1 on the first day. On the second day, Alexei defeated the leader of the European regular season - hu RAISY. The match also ended with the score 2: 1.

Then by cYpheR beat ru COOLLERZ 2: 0 in a very challenging CIS derby. Victory in this match allowed Alexei to reach the final part of the championship.

In the final stage of the tournament, ua NAVI player defeated us Team Liquid players — us DaHanG and us rapha, 3: 0 and 3: 1, respectively. Recall that it was us rapha who was the champion of the previous stage of the Quake Pro League, as well as the main contender for the final victory, so by cYpheR's victory in the match looked especially valuable.

In the finals of the championship, Alexey faced de k1llsen, who had previously defeated usrapha in a very difficult series. Our player started the match with 1 round already under the belt due to making it through the upper bracket, so Alexei had to win 3 maps instead of 4.

Alas, by cYpheR fell short of that. de k1llsen won the final game with 2:4 score, so Alexei settled on the second place of the tournament.

On May 24, Quake Pro League Season 1 Stage 4 will begin. We are sure that Alexei will approach the start with the desire to improve his result and please the audience with an excellent game! #navination