European League: all the details

R6 / News / 20 May 2020 — 14:58

All about the new league!

Ubisoft shared all the details about the new European League, in which the eu Natus Vincere will participate. The competition will start on June 29th!

In total, the tournament will be joined by 10 teams. This list includes ten participants from the last season of Pro League, as well as two winners of Challenger Leaguefr IziDream and de Team Secret.

The league will consist of three stages, where four strongest teams will be selected each time for the Major Championship with teams from other regions.

Depending on their performance in regional championships and international competitions, participants will receive points: at the end of the season, 16 teams with the highest number of points will receive direct invitations to Six Invitational. Another 4 teams will be able to get to the tournament through the qualifying stage. As a result, a total of 20 teams will participate in the main championship of the year.

As for the format of the European League, all teams will play each other in a round-robin system. Three points will be awarded for a victory, one point for a draw, and for a defeat, the team will not receive any points.

The League stage will come to an end when all teams will play each other at least once. Teams from 5th to 8th place get points in the international standings, the four best teams get to the Major tournament and depending on their performance in the championship they will also get points. The second and third stages follow the same system.

In November, the final ranking of the teams is determined based on their performance in the previous three stages. The four best participants compete for the title of the strongest in the LAN tournament. The lowest-ranked team will play next season in the Challenger League, and the ninth team will play in decisive matches for the chance to stay in the top division.

The Challenger League will consist of the best teams in the national championships. All the winners of these competitions will get places in the Challenger League. In case the winner is a member of the European League, the place will go to the team that is not a member of the European League and occupies a lower place.

The developers have also announced a series of matches — R6 Classics. This is a rematch of some famous games of the past with the same teams and original lineups with the relevant meta at that time.