The International 2020 Battle Pass

Dota 2 / News / 25 May 2020 — 20:07

Battle Pass is here!

Dota 2 has released a battle pass to coincide with The International 2020! Its minimum price is $ 9.99.

There are three types of Battle Passes available for fellow dota players to choose from - the standard edition for $9.99, the version with 50 levels included for $ 29.35, and the version with 100 levels for $ 44.99. 25% of all sales will be directed to the prize fund of the main tournament of the year. As before, the initial amount is $ 1,600,000.

The battle pass this time has brought many different new features. Among them, for example, the guilds: you can now enter communities and thus always have teammates that think alike. By playing together, you can increase the level of the guild, as well as receive rewards for yourself and your allies. Everyone can join the guild, but only the Battle Pass owner can create one.

The developers also promise a special event, which will be available this summer. Judging by the description, it is a maze designed for four people. Working as a team, you can pass it and get special awards, available to owners of the Battle Pass. But anyone can play it.

Once again, challenges are available for certain heroes: by winning with those heroes, Battle Pass owners will follow a special path and will be able to win certain rewards, including special item sets.

The devs have added the possibility to win points: for this you need to use a special ticket and win three times. However, after two losses the ticket will be consumed. In case of a successful performance the prize consists of 1500 battle points, 200 gold for the side shop, and level improvement.

As for gold, you can buy certain heroes for your lineup. Further heroes can be sold, and they are improved on the same principle as the Dota Underlords. For selling the heroes you receive gems: they can then be exchanged for special prizes.

Other new features include rewards for killing certain heroes in matches, the status of Battle Pass gifts to other players, and the chance to get points for trying to guess the winner in a random match. The MVP rank has also been returned, but it is now selected automatically. Players also have the opportunity to show more individuality while showcasing the team.

An interesting new feature is the introduction of mini-games during pauses in the match to help you pass the time. Betting has been improved: it is now possible to earn more gold through successful bets in a row. The post-match assistant now also shows more information.

Some features of previous years are back in the game: eg, the Arcana voting or the doubling down in the ranked match.

In terms of level rewards, Valve has added the first treasure trove with Immortal items, where the rarest award is the hook for Pudge. At Level 160 you can get a new map, Level 255 — Persona for Pudge, Level 305 — Persona for Anti-Mage, Level 375 — Arcana for Wraith King, Level 445 — Arcana for Queen of Pain, Level 575 — Arcana for Windranger.

Other rewards include Towers, effects on consecutive kills, pings, graffiti, consumables, taunts, emoji, voice chat wheel, music set, announcer, attack effects, highlight effects, wards, river and courier. Aegis replica and Roshan statue are given for reaching 1000 and 2000 levels respectively.