NAVI Junior in LOOT.BET S7 closed qualifiers

CS2 / News / 3 June 2020 — 20:24

New tournament for the junior team!

The seventh season of LOOT.BET/CS has been announced, in which the Born to Win will participate. Our guys will begin their journey in a closed qualification. Besides ua NAVI Junior, the tournament will feature ru ESPADA, by Nemiga, ru Hard Legion, fi HAVU and others.

The open qualification will be held on June 4-5, the winners will advance to the closed qualifying stage. The format of this stage of the championship will be double-elimination, best of 3. The date of the competition will be June 6-8.

The prize fund of the tournament is $50,000. The main stage will be held in the Swiss format, from June 9 to 30. The playoffs are scheduled for July 3-7 and will be held in single-elimination, best of 3. We hope that the ua Natus Vincere Junior will be well prepared and will delight us with the quality game! #navination