SECTOR MOSTBET S3: lower bracket final

CS2 / News / 4 June 2020 — 20:11

The start of the game is scheduled for 15:00 CEST

In the lower bracket final of the SECTOR: MOSTBET there will be a match between ua NAVI Junior and ru Hard Legion. The meeting will begin on June 5 at 15:00 CEST and will be held in the best of 3 format.

Both teams have successfully overcome the group stage of the tournament: ua Natus Vincere Junior twice defeated fr LDLC OL and took the second place in Group A, and the team ru Hard Legion was stronger than dk Tricked (2 : 1) and ua HellRaisers (2 : 1), thanks to which it was able to top the group B. The teams' paths had already crossed in the tournament, and then the victory went to our five — 2 : 0. 

According to the results of three months, the opponent has the best results on Train (9 wins, 4 losses) and Dust2 (10 wins, 4 losses). The Russian team has the worst results on Inferno (8 wins, 12 losses) and Vertigo (3 wins, 5 losses). The opponent also has a map for a permanent ban — Nuke. We hope that ua NAVI Junior will study the opponent well and pass to the grand final of the competition! #navination

June 5, 15:00 CEST
NAVI Junior
  • Gospadarov
  • B1t
  • kapacho
  • Aunkere
  • Topa
      Hard Legion
  • Krad
  • Forester
  • kinqie
  • svyat
  • rAge