PUBG / News / 5 June 2020 — 13:06

Dyrem joined Natus Vincere

ua Natus Vincere esports club announces changes to the PUBG team. ru Alexander "Dyrem" Sevirinov became the new coach,  replacing ru Dmitry "KycoK_Ov4arku" Kasatkin.

ru Alexander "Dyrem" Sevirinov is an analyst and PUBG coach. Prior to ua Natus Vincere, he worked with eu Team Reciprocity, and also helped the Russian national team win the Nations Cup 2019.

ruValeriia "Lera_X" Khegai
NAVI.PUBG manager

"KycoK_Ov4arku maintained a high level of discipline and put a lot of effort and energy into the success of the team. Thanks to him, we significantly improved communication between the players, which helped us to win the PGS Berlin qualification. Many thanks to Dmitry for his work, we wish him good luck in the future.

The new coach of the team is Alexander "Dyrem" Sevirinov, well known to all fans of competitive PUBG. Dyrem has tremendous analytical experience and knowledge of the professional scene. We hope that his skills together with an individual approach to the players will allow the team to reach a new level.

Alexander, welcome to the team!"

Updated NAVI.PUBG roster:

ru Arsenii "ceh9" Ivanychev
ru Andrey "Bestoloch" Ionov
ru Vitaly "TheTab" Karkeshkin 
ru Dmitry "Kemba7" Rozhkov

ru Alexander "Dyrem" Sevirinov (coach)
ru Valeriia "Lera_X" Khegai (manager)