NAVI Junior — SECTOR: MOSTBET S3 runner-up

CS2 / News / 11 June 2020 — 21:49

Congratulations to the guys on a good performance

SECTOR: MOSTBET S3 ended, where ua NAVI Junior reached the Grand Final and faced ru ESPADA. Our guys started the Grand Final with a one map deficit, as they got into the decisive match from the lower bracket. After winning the Inferno, ua NAVI Junior equalized the score. However, the next two maps went to the Russian team's pocket(Mirage, Overpass), which resulted that ru ESPADA takes the champions title of the SECTOR: MOSTBET S3. The Born to Win earns second place and prize money of $2,000. 

ua NAVI Junior's road to second-place was not an easy one. So, the guys managed to get out of the group from the second place, defeating twice fr LDLC OL. ua Natus Vincere Junior managed to defeat ru Hard Legion in the upper bracket semifinals and lower bracket finals, but ru ESPADA remained undefeated by our players in this tournament - three games and three losses.

Now ua NAVI Junior are at the bootcamp and are preparing for the next championships. We believe that the guys will continue to progress and achieve positive results! #navination