Vote for Natus Vincere in PCS 1

PUBG / News / 17 June 2020 — 16:13

Voting will be held from June 17 to July 2.

PUBG Corporation announced the Pick'Em Challenge competition to coincide with the final part of the PUBG Continental Series 1. You can vote now for Natus Vincere! 

With the start of PCS 1, the game introduced the esports store, which will require esports points. You can earn them by winning the games provided in the Pick’Em Challenge.

Predict the winner in any region

The main purpose of Pick'Em Challenge is to guess the winner in each region by putting a coupon on a team. Coupons can be received for each in-game item with PCS 1 logo (up to six coupons). One additional coupon can be received for watching streams. You can't vote twice for the same team. In the video below you can see all the items with the tournament logo.

The voting is available in the Esports tab> Pick’Em Challenge Event Tab to see the status of the voting coupons you own. For a correct prediction of the champion in one region will be rewarded with 100,000 EPs, which can be spent in an esports store.

Who's better?

This lottery is free and requires no coupons. If you guess correctly the team with the highest rank, you can get an additional 2000 EPs. If the results of all teams in one region are correctly predicted, 16,000 EPs will be issued, and 64,000 EPs for the correct prediction in all regions.

25% of the profit from the sales of items will be distributed among four regions in equal shares. 12.5% of this 25 % will go into the prize pool, while the other 12.5% will be divided among PCS 1 participants.

Right now our guys are preparing hard for the final phase, and the support of an entire #navination army gives the guys extra strength! We encourage you to join forces and vote together for ru Natus Vincere, which next week will show what it can do and will do their best to give the rest of the teams a good fight. 

The first matches of the final stage will begin on June 27 at 18:00 CEST. The participants will compete for a prize fund of $200,000.