NAVI to play in UK Ireland Nationals

R6 / News / 30 June 2020 — 13:17

The event starts on July 2

eu Natus Vincere will take part in the first season of UK Ireland Nationals regional championship. The Born to Win will compete for a prize pool of £ 25,000.

There will be eight teams - 6 invited directly and 2 via qualifiers.

The tournament involves a round-robin format of games, where each participant will play against all the others, bo1 each. Based on the results of these matches, the two best teams will get into the final part of the tournament, and the teams from third to sixth will go to the playoffs, determining 2 more teams for the playoffs.

In addition to cash prizes, a place in the Challenger League is also at stake: the winner will earn one. eu Natus Vincere players play in the top division - the European League, so they can only compete for the cash prize.

The first season ofUK Ireland Nationals will start on July 2! Do not miss the games with eu Natus Vincere! #navination