European League: facing Chaos Esports Club

R6 / News / 8 July 2020 — 20:00

6 : 6

The next opponent of eu Natus Vincere at the European League is going to be se Chaos Esports Club. This is going to be a bo1.

The Born to Win got in pretty good shape over the last few matches, getting 2 wins. Notably, the last one was a crushing victory versus fr Tempra Esports (7 : 1).

As for se Chaos Esports Club, the club is currently running into some trouble, not winning a single match out of five. The team is on the penultimate line with 3 points in total.

In other words, eu NAVI has a great chance to improve their standing in the League. We are sure the guys will use the chance to its fullest and do everything possible to achieve victory! #navination

European League (best of 1)
July 8, 22:00 CEST
6 : 6
Natus Vincere
  • neLo
  • Panix
  • Doki
  • Kendrew
  • Saves
Chaos Esports Club
  • Renuilz
  • Vitoline
  • SHA77E
  • cryn