European League: facing

R6 / News / 15 July 2020 — 09:31

3 : 7

The next opponent of eu Natus Vincere at the European League is going to be a CIS representative — ru This is a Bo1 game

The "bears" started out rough, but then managed to bounce back, with 9 points total at the moment. Even though they did lose the last 2 games, they were quite close — 5 : 7, and their opponents were the top of the table — eu Rogue and fr BDS Esport.

The upcoming match is important for both teams. eu NAVI will practically secure playoffs stage 1 in case of victory, while ru will get a chance to keep fighting for top-4. So there is quite an interesting game ahead.

The teams have already faced each other in the past. At the European Open Clash charity tournament, the opponent overpowered us with 2 : 0 score.

However, today the stakes are much higher! Make sure to tune in and support  eu Natus Vincere! #navination

European League (best of 1)
July 15, 20:00 CEST
3 : 7
Natus Vincere
  • neLo
  • Panix
  • Doki
  • Kendrew
  • Saves
  • wTg
  • Rask
  • Shockwave
  • p4sh4
  • Amision