Happy Birthday, Panix!

R6 / News / 17 July 2020 — 08:12

Jois us and wish Panix a happy birthday!

In the camp of the Born to Win we celebrate an important occasion: eu NAVI Rainbow Six player ch Dimitri "Panix" de Longeaux turns 25 years old! Happy birthday!

ch Panix joined eu Natus Vincere in March this year. Dimitri is quite an experienced player: he shows off his skills not only in Rainbow Six, but also in other shooters. For example, he has previously been in the competitive scene of the Titanfall and Call of Duty. As part of our team, he's also proven to be a thoughtful, responsive, and pleasant teammate.

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At the moment ch Panix together with the team is storming the group stage, a match which will be held today at 23:00, and the first stage of the .

We are sure tonight eu NAVI will do their best to win, which will definitely be a nice gift to eu Panix! #navination