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Dota 2 / News / 21 July 2020 — 11:28

Immersion - new support of Natus Vincere

How does ua Natus Vincere newcomer ru Alexander "Immersion" Hmelevskoy play? Let's find out right here.

First of all —ru Immersion is a well-established player who has played for several well-known CIS teams. Despite his young age (the player is 21 years old), Alexander has a solid experience of performing on the professional stage, entering it back in 2016.

His first big team was  ru MEGA-LADA E-sports, and then he went to ru CoM18Anji. The latter team can be called the starting point of ru Immersion 's career: later, ru ESPADA signed up this roster. It was there that Alexander, along with his teammates, stopped one step away from getting to The International 2018.

Immersion as part of Gambit Esports

ru Immersion has been playing forru Gambit Esports, zz Positive Guys, and ru Team Spirit for the last 2 seasons. In each of these teams, Alexander demonstrated an excellent game, receiving praise from the Dota 2 community.

First of all, the accolades for ru Immersion are related to Earth Spirit! The hero is pretty much the signature one — the player's been showing incredible mastery of Kaolin.

Immersion with Team Spirit

ru Immersion has played almost 500 ranked matches as Earth Spirit. As for the pro scene, he boasts 111 games as that hero! The respect ban situations aren't uncommon.

As for the rest ofru Immersion's pool, then the main strength of the player, of course, is roaming. For example, Tusk and Nyx Assassin. However, ru Immersion also plays more conventional supports: Rubick, Crystal Maiden , or Dark Willow.

The best heroes of Immersion on the professional stage

Overall, ru Immersion' s playstyle is aggressive. However, the player manifests it not by just mindlessly engaging, but only when there is a benefit to it. Therefore, we can say that in ua Natus Vincere, Alexander will become excellent support for his cores, doing all the dirty work in the initial stage of the game, and then making just as much impact later in the game.

uaIgor "caff" Sydorenko
NAVI.Dota 2 manager

“Sasha is proactive and has a thorough approach to the game. I like the way he's developing himself in the new role"

uaAndrii “Mag” Chipenko
NAVI.Dota 2 сoach

“Immersion is a player with an aggressive playstyle who feels great on roaming heroes. At the same time, he has a huge pool of heroes for the 4th position. Alexander is not afraid to take responsibility, and therefore he fits perfectly into our team. "

ru Immersion will debut with  ua Natus Vincere as a player with 10,000 MMR. We are sure that Alexander will show his high level not only in ranked games but also on the professional stage! #navination

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