CTRL PLAY LEAGUE: facing circo

CS2 / News / 23 July 2020 — 12:10

The Bo1 game will start on July 23 at 16:10 CEST.

The last round of CTRL PLAY LEAGUE will see ua NAVI Junior facing ru circo. The Bo1 game will start on July 23 at 16:10 CEST.

 ua NAVI Junior, having lost to ru Hard Legion (9 : 16 — Nuke), managed to bounce back with 2 wins in a row — over ru Vega Squadron Academy (16 : 1 — Train) and ru Cyber Legacy (16 : 3 — Dust2). As for the opponent, ru circo has beaten ru Vega Squadron Academy (16 : 8 — Mirage), and lost to ru Cyber Legacy (12 : 16 — Overpass).

Here's the status quo of group A: ru Vega is surely eliminated, and other teams will keep fighting. Now the only thing left to settle is where the teams will start their playoffs. Now our guys are in the second place, and surely won't drop lower in case they beat ru circo. We believe ua Natus Vincere will manage to do this and secure a good spot in the playoffs! #navination

July 23, 16:10 CEST
NAVI Junior
  • Gospadarov
  • B1t
  • kapacho
  • Aunkere
  • Topa
  • Sh4GGi
  • bloody wolf
  • ELZiE
  • Suteki
  • Naor