OMEGA League: tournament groups

Dota 2 / News / 30 July 2020 — 09:58

The groups for the upcoming tournament

OMEGA League organizers have split the participants of the upcoming tournament into groups. ua Natus Vincere was placed in group A.

ua NAVI shares the group with ru, se Alliance, eu Nigma, and us Evil Geniuses. The last team will be determined via the qualifiers

Group A
uaNatus Vincere
usEvil Geniuses
Qualifier winner
Group B
euTeam Secret
seTeam Liquid
euNinjas in Pyjamas
Qualifier winner

The main part of OMEGA League will take place from August 10 to September 5. The group stage will feature a round-robin format, all games will be Bo3. The prize pool for the event is $500.000.

2 best teams from each group will advance to the upper bracket of the playoff, 3rd places will go into the lower bracket, last places will drop into Divine division. The rest will fight in Play-in for the right to keep their spot in Immortal division.