Putrick advances to Solo FNCS semifinals

News / 3 August 2020 — 07:06

A great result!

ru Daniil "Putrick" Abdrakhmanov has claimed a slot in Solo FNCS semifinals. On the second day, he made it through all the qualification rounds.

Daniil took the 10th place in the first round, advancing into the next one. There, he finished in 31st place. The final, third round, was the toughest one, as only top-50 would make it to the semifinals. ru Putrickwas able to go above and beyond that! Securing the fourth place not only gave him a slot, ut also $ 3.200 prize.

Our player scored 44 points in the round. 36 were for placement, the rest - for frags.

Map Place Frags
1 49 4
2 39 1
3 1 2
4 57 0
5 6 1
6 6 0

ru Putrick will resume the run at Solo FNCS on August 14-15: all participants will be split into 4 groups. Each will see 25 of its best players advance into the grand finals. #navination