Putrick and 7tor: month recap

News / 13 August 2020 — 10:33

Let's a take a look at the month

On July 13 our club and signed a young player ru Daniil "Putrick" Abdrakhmanov, and ru Igor "7tor" Popov.

Today marks one month since the establishment of the current roster. Our guys managed to take part in several events and showed a pretty good result. In this article, let's take a look at the month.

Daily Trios Cup


The tournament is held daily in Trios mode. Playing for ua Natus Vincere, ru Putrick got top placements several times.

(ru Putrick,  se GODSENT.znappy and  us BL.hEN1) - $ 200 per player;
(ru Putrick, rs EP.Queasy and us BL.hEN1) - $ 300 per player;
(ru Putrick, rs EP .Queasy and us BL.hEN1) - $ 200 per player;
(ru Putrick, rs EP.Queasy and us BL.hEN1) - $ 300 per player;
(ru Putrick, rs EP.Queasy and us BL.hEN1) - $ 400 per player.

ru 7tor, along with ru VP.Kiryache32 and ru l1nk, made it into the top three quite a few times as well. Since July 13, the player has taken third and second places twice and became the top 1 three times.



The qualifiers for the tournament ran for 4 days, 3 stages per day. Our players in the first two days and successfully advanced to the final stage of the tournament, but continued to try their hand at qualifiers. Thus, ru 7tor became the only player from the CIS to take part in all third stages of the qualifier ($ 1,400 in total).

Champion Cash Cup


The tournament is held every week on Wednesdays. On July 16 ru NAVI.Putrick, se GODSENT.znappy, and us BL.hEN1 trio showed an excellent, taking 6th place. The prize money was $ 400.

On August 12, ru 7tor, ru VP.Kiryache32, and ru l1nk made it into , earning $550.

Platform Cash Cup


The weekly tournament held on Thursdays in Solos mode. On August 7, ru 7tor finished third, winning $2.200.

The squad manager ru Alexander "Glory" Manoil commented on the guys' results and told about the nearest plans.

Our guys made it to the next stage of the Solo FNCS in the first days of qualifying but continued to play in the qualifiers. Why?
ruAlexander "Glory" Manoil
NAVI Fortnite team manager

After receiving a ticket to the final stage, the player understands that the goal for at least a season is fulfilled. The following qualifications also provide an opportunity to stream without risks, make money, and score points in the overall rating.

ru 7tor made it to all the finals of the FNCS open qualifiers. How can you comment on this result and what, in your opinion, was the secret of success?
ruAlexander "Glory" Manoil
NAVI Fortnite team manager

Before FNCS Igor left Saratov for St. Petersburg, which has the best ping for Fortnite. The impromptu bootcamp feels like a fully working atmosphere that bears fruit.

What are the pros and cons of Solos and Trios tournaments?
ruAlexander "Glory" Manoil
NAVI Fortnite team manager

All players openly say that they are tired of the Solo mode. With the team, it is easier to get over tilt, and there are also people who can hedge your mistakes. During FNCS, the ping on the display is around 20-30, but due to the high server load, it might seem like 500 all the way.

Personally, I love Trio mode for its entertainment value, emotional TeamSpeak. At the same time, in Solo mode, 90% of people play silently.

What are the guys' plans for the next month? Where can we see them?
ruAlexander "Glory" Manoil
NAVI Fortnite team manager

At the end of August, there will be a new season, and FNCS Trio has already been announced for it. The guys will fight in all kinds of tournaments in this format. They also try to stream each tournament on their Twitch channels. You can follow their results in the ru and ru VKontakte groups and ua Natus Vincere  group.

Many events await our players in the near future: the next matches within the Solo FNCS will start on August 15th. We are sure the guys will achieve success and reach the grand final of the tournament. We look forward to the beginning of the final battles! #navination

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