Details on PUBG Pro Sessions

PUBG / News / 15 August 2020 — 13:01

The tournament will include two sessions

ru Natus Vincere will participate in the PUBG Pro Sessions, it is a series of online tournaments that will be held from August 21 to September 11. In this article, we have collected all the important information about the upcoming event. 

The tournament will include two sessions: the first will be hosted on August 21st and 28th and the second one will be on September 4th and 11th. All game days will start at 19:20 CEST and will include 5 matches. The tournament will also have special rounds. 


Every week, the second and fifth maps have additional rewards. The player who got injured the least in the first and fourth draws, a bounty will be placed on his head in the next map. The team that eliminates the player will get 4 points and a cash prize of $ 150. If a player survives, the bonus will be given to his team.


This round is a kind of a tag game with a lv DanucD streamer. She is not allowed to use any weapons, only healing items and smoke grenades but also a helmet, and armor is available to her disposal. During the VIP round, teams fight for a bonus of $200. The prize is divided equally between the teams that were able to tag lv DanucD as long as she remains alive by the end of the game. If lv DanucD accidentally dies during a match, $50 will go to the winner of the lobby and the remaining $150 will be divided between the teams that were able to tag the streamer. 

The prize pool will be the same for both sessions, with a total of $10,000. 

Prize pool distribution


1st place —  $ 1 600
2nd place —  $ 1 000
3rd place —  $ 800
4th place —  $ 600
Bounty round —  $ 150
VIP-round  — $ 200

ru Natus Vincere will compete with 15 teams, including ru Northern Lights, eu Team Liquid, and others. Don't miss the matches! #navination