9impulse will play in Twitch Rivals: Hyper Scape — what's this game?

News / 18 August 2020 — 17:07

What's great about the new addition to the Battle Royale genre?

On August 19th, Twitch Rivals will be hosting a tournament for the new Battle Royle game — Hyper Scape. by Kirill "9impulse" Kostiv is one of the participants and we were able to chat with by 9impulse and get his thoughts about the new BR game but first let us tell you more about the game itself.

The first thing we should highlight is the setting of the Hyper Scape. The game is designed in a futuristic style, and the action takes place in the middle of the big city. This differentiates the game from many competitors, which often offer players to fight in large open spaces.

The city location allows Ubisoft to create a truly dynamic shooter, where the action takes place almost every second. And if you consider that 100 players are fighting for the first place simultaneously (up to 99 if you play in trios), it is actually interesting to play a new battle royale.

Interestingly, the developers of the game decided to abandon the now almost standard system of loot levels. Any weapon can be upgraded during the match by finding similar versions. In other words, taking two identical weapons, you can get a more powerful version of them.

The skill system (here they are called "hacks") is also interesting. Skills are not individual for each character, and just scattered throughout the map with the ability to equip (but no more than two), so, just like a weapon, you can use the skill that you like.

Speaking of weapons, each player will find something to his liking, whether it's a pistol or a gun that shoots lightning balls. However, some weapons do not require much accuracy: hardcore players are hardly satisfied with this. But with a lot of patches, the developers of the game will surely be able to solve this problem.

As in all games of the Battle Royale genre, there is a circle that narrows with each round. However, in Hyper Scape there is a special feature: the crown appears, that works just like "capture the flag" mode. If the player with the crown holds on to it for 45 seconds, he will be the winner of the match, but remember that during this time he is visible to all opponents. And, of course, you still can win a match just by staying alive.

One of the most interesting features of the game is the integration of matches with Twitch service. Spectators can influence the game by voting and include certain modifiers. For example, low gravity.

The game also has a story, which shows the intention of developers to gradually develop the project and come up with some events. Judging by all the features of the project, Ubisoft plans to take a good piece of cake called "Battle Royale". Keep in mind that this company made Rainbow Six Siege, so you can safely expect the proper development and esports scene of the game.

A ua Natus Vincere player by Kirill "9impulse" Kostiv, who is familiar with many Battle Royales, shared his opinion about the new game.

What's your general impression of Hyper Scape. What makes this game stand out from the competition?
byKirill «9impulse» Kostiv
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Very dynamic Battle Royale. I have to fight all the time, and this is what I like: I like to fly in and out of the buildings and then take the loot from Gibraltar. Oh, I guess I've been pushing too hard...

What aspects of the game need improvement at the moment?
byKirill «9impulse» Kostiv
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The game is cool but it is not very popular. Fix the aim assistant (controllers are imbalanced), add a rating and it will take its niche.

Does the game have a future as an esports discipline?
byKirill «9impulse» Kostiv
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As far as I know, it's designed for spectator participation, so Twitch Rivals tournaments will be held regularly — I hope so. I also hope that I will be invited :)

But as for other tournaments — I do not know. And besides, I have things to do in Apex Legends, so that doesn't interest me much :)

Be sure to come and support by 9impulse at Twitch Rivals on August 19th! Kirill's teammates will be ru Gambit.Sunset and ru Empire.JoyStiCK! #navination