StarSeries Season 4: The first battle

CS2 / News / 17 February 2018 — 09:58

16:00 CET, Bo3 format!

Today sees the start of the StarSeries S4 run for  ua NAVI.GG.BET, as we are set and ready to meet eu HellRaisers in a bo3. Tune in at 16:00 CET to watch the series live!

The last time the teams met was a few days ago within the seventh season of ESL Pro League, and it ended in a tie with NAVI taking de_inferno (16-6) and HellRaisers winning on de_overpass (16-14). Unfortunately, this time HR will be missing one of their core players due to jo ISSAA's visa issues, with the former us OpTic player ee HS acting as a stand-in.

As far as the maps go, the first set of bans must be pretty standard, with de_cache and de_nuke removed by NAVI and HR respectively. Next, we think de_inferno will be picked by our squad, while HR will most likely go for de_overpass, as that has been their most played map over the past three months. Then, de_mirage will be left for a decider, with de_cbble and de_train banned by NAVI and HR respectively.

However, if HellRaisers run the risk of not banning de_nuke as their first ban, the veto can go in a totally different direction. We hope that our boys will start off on the right foot and make it a derby to remember! #gonavi

16:00 CET

best of 3

  • s1mple
  • electronic
  • Zeus
  • Edward
  • flamie

  • ANGE1
  • bondik
  • DeadFox
  • woxic
  • HS