9impulse at Twitch Rivals: Hyper Scape

News / 19 August 2020 — 20:03

The start of the matches is scheduled for 20:00.

At 19:00 CEST starts the Twitch Rivals tournament for Hyper Scape. by Kirill "9impulse" Kostiv is in the team with ru Empire.JoyStiCK and ru Gambit.Sunset, they will participate in the European competition.

In total 30 teams will take part in the competition, they will fight for the prize fund of $ 50 000. And the competition format does not provide a separate lobby for them.

So, at first, all participants will play as many games as possible during two and a half hours in regular matchmaking. The three most successful games will be chosen for each team, after which the points earned during these three games will be added up.

The four best participants will get to the final, which will be held in the same format, but the time will be limited to 45 minutes, while the best scores will be determined based on one game.

We can confidently say that we are going to have an interesting event today. Be sure to tune in to the live stream on the official Twitch Rivals channel and support by 9impulse! #navination

Points distribution

Victory in the match 15 points. One frag one point.

Prize pool distribution

1st place — $ 9,000
2nd place — $ 7,500
3rd place — $ 6,000
4th place — $ 4,500
5th place — $ 3,450
6th place — $ 2,550
7—8th places — $ 1,800
90th—10th places — $ 1,200
11th to 15th places — $ 750
16th—20th places — $450
21—30 places — $ 300

Additional prizes

Player with the most amount of kills — $800.
Team with the most amount of kills — $ 1,200.