UK Ireland Nationals: NAVI is in the final stage!

R6 / News / 27 August 2020 — 21:44

NAVI advanced to the final stage!

gb Natus Vincere gb Audacity Esports 2 : 1 and advanced to the final stage of the first season of UK Ireland Nationals! Congratulations to the guys with this accomplishment!

The series itself turned out to be incredibly tense. First on Coastline gb NAVI players lost to their opponent in a tough battle — 5 : 7, and then the Villa was wild ride for fans and for the players themselves, taking the victory only in overtime — 8 : 7.

However, this result has charged up the Born to Win, who left no chance for gb Audacity Esports on Kafe Dostoyevsky — 7 : 3, so this leaves us with — 2 : 1 score in the best of 3 series! A great match played by the gb NAVI roster!

Now our guys have a final stage of the UK Ireland Nationals ahead of them, which will be held on August 29-30. Be sure to support gb Natus Vincere players in upcoming matches! #navination