NAVI Rainbow Six Siege roster is complete!

R6 / News / 1 September 2020 — 12:07

Joe "Joe" Crowther joins the team

ua Natus Vincere esports club has bought out gb Joe "Joe" Crowther’s contract with gb Fierce Esports. gb Joe is going to replace nl Zeb "Quadzy" Esser, who was standing in for gb NAVI during .

gb Joe is one of the strongest players in the UK. gb Joe is currently of the FPL R6 Europe debut season.

Earlier gb Byron "Blurr" Murray gb NAVI, while hr Leon "neLo" Pesić and ch Dimitri "Panix" de Longeaux were benched.

byYaroslav "N1ghtEnd" Klochko
NAVI Rainbow Six Siege manager

"Joe has come to our attention back when we were not even thinking about the reshuffle. The coaches and I kept noting his daring and at times naive playstyle. But most importantly, he acts confidently without overthinking. Not all the players who have extensive experience of playing at a high level have such features.

Joe had 2 weeks of practice games with us before we decided to buy him out from Fierce. He’s proved he deserved a chance to play in EUL. In our turn, we’re ready to help him grow and shape the habits that are crucial for any professional player."

gbJoe "Joe" Crowther
NAVI Rainbow Six Siege player

"I am grateful that NAVI has given me the opportunity to play at the highest level, I hope to prove myself as an asset to the team.

I would like to thank the club and players for putting their trust in me as their 5th player and I am looking forward to playing the second stage of EUL with them."

NAVI Rainbow Six Siege roster:

gb Luke "Kendrew" Kendrew
gb Jack "Doki" Robertson
pl Szymon "Saves" Kamieniak
gb Byron "Blurr" Murray
gb Joe "Joe" Crowther

ch Dimitri "Panix" de Longeaux (benched)
hr Leon "neLo" Pesić (up for transfer)

fr Cyril "jahk" Renoud (coach)
fr Razig "DraZ" Abida (analyst)
by Yaroslav "N1ghtEnd" Klochko (manager)