NAVI Players in the top of FaceIt!

R6 / News / 1 September 2020 — 14:29

Three NAVI players in the top-5!

After the opening week of the first season of FPL gb Natus Vincere players are at the top of the ! A great start for the Born to Win!

At the moment, the third place of the ranking is occupied by a gb Joe. Right behind him is gb Blurr and gb Doki in the fourth and fifth places, respectively. The top ten players can be found below.

It is also worth noting gb Kendrew's results, which currently takes 14th position. As for the first season of FPL, it will last another month - until October 1st. We are sure that gb NAVI players will continue to show such a high level of performance in the matches! #navination