Quake Pro League: details of the new season

Quake / News / 2 September 2020 — 17:12

Season 2020/2021 will be hosted by PGL!

PGL will host the new season of Quake Pro League. Season-2020/2021 will be divided into three stages and will conclude with the Quake World Championship.

Each stage will last 13 weeks: all participants will be divided by region (Europe and America) and will play matches on a round-robin system. Each stage will conclude with an international three-day event, offering cash prizes and the chance to be crowned as a champion.

The season will start on September 6 and will be streamed on the . The final battles of the first stage will take place on December 11-13, the second will be on April 23-25, 2021. The prize fund of the first two stages is $ 100 000, and the closing of the third stage will be the Quake World Championship with a prize fund of $ 150 000.

The Challenger League will also remain in place. There will be eight weeks of qualifying: two of the best players will be determined in each region, and all of them will fight for a place in the Quake Pro League.