StarSeries S4: an exciting victory!

CS2 / News / 18 February 2018 — 19:40

A close series, yet a true festival of CS!

The second series of ua NAVI.GG.BET was against kz Gambit in a Bo3 series at StarSeries S4. The game, just as expected, was incredibly close, with plenty of exciting moments, but we ultimately take it 2-1!

Picks and bans

Natus Vincere


Game 1 - Natus Vincere [0:1] Gambit

Pistols round was taken by kz Gambit, as they found several kills with nobody to trade for those, but the force round 2 saw a defuse coming in from ua NAVI, yet round 3 was a true see-saw, as the post-plant situation saw 2v4. We dropped several rounds, only claiming the second one during the round 7. Another point was taken by the CT forces before the Terrorists retaliated; the opponents seemed to run out of steam for a little, as we were already at 5:7, with a decent economy our way. The first half closed off at 7:8 - a mere point separated us from the opponent.

Pistols of the second half saw a very good retake by kz Gambit, with the force buy coming in next for us. Only during the third round did ua NAVI manage to take the first point, with the second coming right up. kz Gambit had to eco - 10:10. Neither team got a convincing advantage, as the scoreline hit 13:13 - an incredibly close game. The game slowed down quite a bit, as kz Gambit got to the match point, and took de_overpass 13:16.

Game 2 - Natus Vincere [1:1] Gambit

The pistols round on de_mirage went the way of ua NAVI, and a few interesting decisions by kz Gambit led them into a tough spot, as we went up 4:0. Slow and steady, we raked up the points, dropping our first on round 7; yet the immediate reset forced an eco on the kz Gambit, allowing us to break the 8-point barrier. That seemed to be it for a little bit, as the CTs picked up their own streak - the round difference was diminishing rapidly, as the first half ended with 8:7.

First pistols saw the 8:8 on the scoreboard, and kz Gambit climbed up 8:10 before the gun round - that was when we got the first round of the second half, ultimately tying the score at 10:10. A few back-and-forth rounds, and we another tie settled 12:12, with ua NAVI managing to take a couple of rounds to heavily damage the economy of kz Gambit, with 15:12 on the scoreboard. The first match point got denied, but the second one was a swift and decisive strike - 16:13 and 1-1, as we move to de_train!

Game 3 - Natus Vincere [2:1] Gambit

The pistols were taken by ua NAVI with a solid execution, and a bomb plant deny in the second. The buy round saw ua Zeus pull off a 1v3 clutch. We got all the way to 6 rounds before kz Gambit managed to get the first point on board. Round 10 saw an ace pulled off by ua s1mple as we interrupted the 3-round streak of the Terrorists. We finally broke the 8 rounds, not without a significant resistance from the opponent, and the half ended at 8:7.

The second half started with a bang, as we went on a streak right away - even if some rounds were quite close, ua NAVI would manage to pull those off. Round 4 was the first one to go the way of kz Gambit, but the next reset saw the economy of theirs collapse, ensuring us yet another streak of wins - we reached the match point at 15:8, with 7 round buffer. The first point got denied, but kz Gambit could not hold forever, as we take the game and the series 2-1. GGWP!