New NAVI bundle for Mozzie!

R6 / News / 22 September 2020 — 19:00

The newest addition to NAVI collection!

A new Mozzie bundle featuring gb Natus Vincere colors has been released in Rainbow Six: Siege! Grab the newest gear for your collection!

ua Natus Vincere is in the list of tier-1 teams in the R6 SHARE program. There are 10 organizations in total. Our team will receive a 30% cut from the sales of branded items, and 30% of the received funds will go towards players and content creators.

In addition to that, due to us being in the aforementioned list, the new  ua NAVI bundle contains 4 items: helmet, uniform, P10 Roni weapon skin, and a charm. The items can be bought in a bundle or individually.

The entire bundle will cost 1680 credits. The individual prices are as follows: helmet — 600 credits, uniform — 720 credits, weapon skin — 300 credits, charm — 480 credits.

Rainbow Six Siege already has a , another operator, as well as and . #navination