ESL and DreamHack announced schedule for 2021

CS2 / News / 22 September 2020 — 13:44

The LAN-finals of 13th and 14th seasons of EPL will be held in Malta!

ESL and DreamHack announced a detailed schedule of CS:GO tournaments for 2021, as well as the changes in the format.

Currently, the championships are held for seven to nine days straight without breaks and days off, but starting from next year they will be divided into two game weeks: the first (Thursday to Sunday) — for matches in the group stage, and the second (weekends) — for matches in the playoff stage. This distribution should ease the stress on the players and give them more time for rest. 

During the breaks between the stages, the teams that have moved to the decisive stage of the tournament will be able to stay at the mini-bootcamp or fly back home for a few days. 

Furthermore, ESL has announced the construction of its own studio for Pro Tour tournaments, in which teams will be able to compete in LAN-format in coronavirus conditions. We are looking forward to the start of the new competitive season! #navination

Tournament schedule for the year 2021:
Tournaments Location Date
DreamHack Open Leipzig de Leipzig January 22–24, 2021
Masters Katowice pl Katowice February 15–28, 2021
ESL Pro League Season 13 mt Malta March 1 – April 25, 2021
DreamHack Open Anaheim us Anaheim April 2–4, 2021
Valve Major TBA May 10–23, 2021
DreamHack Masters Summer se Jönköping June 3–13, 2021
DreamHack Open Valencia es Valencia July 2–4, 2021
Masters Cologne de Cologne July 5–18, 2021
Masters Melbourne au Melbourne August 12–22, 2021
ESL Pro League Season 14 mt Malta September 1 – October 10, 2021
DreamHack Open Montreal ca Montreal September 10–12, 2021
Masters New York us New York October 14–24, 2021
DreamHack Open Rotterdam nl Rotterdam October 15–17, 2021
DreamHack Open Hyderabad in Hyderabad October 29–31, 2021
Valve Major TBA November 1–14, 2021
DreamHack Open Winter se TBA November 26–28, 2021
Masters China cn China December 2–12, 2021
DreamHack Open Madrid es Madrid December 10–12, 2021
DreamHack Open Leipzig de Leipzig January 21–23, 2021
Masters Katowice pl Katowice February 14–27, 2022