Quake Pro League Season 2 Stage 1: facing toxjq

Quake / News / 27 September 2020 — 10:15

2 : 1

The next opponent of by Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevskyin the second season of Quake Pro League is going to be se Johan "toxjq" Quick.

This is a second match for ua Natus Vincere player at the tournament. Earlier Alexei had a rough match versusru Aleksandr "baSe" Rybin, losing 1:2.

Although se toxjq is not in a better position. The Swede lost 2 games, against hu RAISY and pl Av3k. Both matches ended at 0:3.

The upcoming fight is quite important for by cYpheR, asse toxjq eliminated Alexei at Quake World Championship 2020. ua NAVI is definitely looking for revenge and will try to show his best game.

Tune in to the stream and support Alexei! We believe by cYpheR will be able to secure the victory today and show his best! #navination