DreamHack Fall Showdown: tournament groups

PUBG / News / 30 September 2020 — 18:44

NAVI will play in group B

The seeding results for the second stage of the online tournament DreamHack Fall Showdown are here. ru Natus Vincere is in group B together with eu TSM, eu ShiftW, and others.

Group А
 euOmaken Sports
 euTeam Liquid
 trDigital Athletics
 euThe Gatekeepers
Group B
 ruNatus Vincere
 trfastPay Wildcats
 euTempo X
Group С
 trEtiget Esports
 ruNorthern Lights
 euRaise Your Edge
 trBlaze Esports
 euTeam Venture

A total of 24 squads will play in the second stage. The competitions themselves will be held in a round-robin system, and the first matches will start on October 2nd at 17:00: Group B, where the ru NAVI is placed, will have a match with Group A. 

The results of all teams will be summarized in overall standings. Thus, 16 strongest teams will pass to the grand final, which will begin on October 9th, while the rest of the teams will have to leave the tournament. 

The prize fund of DreamHack Fall Showdown will be $ 15 000. Be sure to come and support the Born to Win squad! #navination