Quake Pro League Season 2 Stage 1: facing RAISY

Quake / News / 4 October 2020 — 12:09

3 : 0

The next opponent of by Alexei "cYpheR"Yanushevsky at Quake Pro League Season 2 Stage 1 is going to be hu Adrian "RAISY" Birgány. This will be a Bo3 series.

This is the third match for ua Natus Vincere player at the tournament. Earlier Alexei lost to ru baSe, and then defeated se toxjq. Currently, by cYpheR is in the middle of the table.

hu RAISY, in turn, won twice and lost once. In any case, Adrian was the runner-up of the previous tournament, so the match is not going to be easy regardless.

Tune in to the stream and support by cYpheR! We're sure Alexei will show a great game today! #navination