NAVI matches are among the most viewed games of EPL Season 12

CS2 / News / 5 October 2020 — 12:09

Match with Natus Vincere is the most viewed match of the event!

ESL Pro League grand final series was the most-watched match of the tournament. According to Esports Charts, ua Natus Vincere dk Astralis duel attracted .

Three more ua Natus Vincere games made it into top-5 most-watched games. We're talking about games versus eu (316.000), eu (302.000), and dk (276.000).

Top-5 most-watched matches according to

ua Natus Vincere became the runner-up of the tournament, dropping the grand finals to dk Astralis with 2 : 3 score. The Born to Win won $54.000, out of which $30.000 were awarded for the second place, and $.24.000 for 6 wins in the groups. #navination