NAVI PUBG Mobile roster is complete!

PUBG Mobile / News / 7 October 2020 — 14:00

Matic, Mequ and Tixzy join Natus Vincere!

ua Natus Vincere esports club has completed the PUBG Mobile roster: former ru DreamEaters players — ru Vitalii “Matic” Shulga, ru Alexey “Mequ” Tolov, as well as ru Daniil “Tixzy” Suchkov, who used to play for zz KoninaPower, have joined the team.

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NAVI PUBG Mobile roster will take part in the EMEA League with a prize pool of $ 100 000, which starts on October 9. In mid-November, the Born to Win will go to the 2020 Peacekeeper Elite Championship in Shanghai, with ¥ 12 000 000 (about $ 1 770 900) prize pool.

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ruAlexander “Glory” Manoil
NAVI PUBG Mobile manager

Our main task was to form a team that will fight for being the top one in the world. It took us 2 months to find suitable players and conduct transfer negotiations.

Tixzy is a young talent with an excellent aim, who was able to fully show himself at the PUBG Mobile World League 2020 as part of KoninaPower, having taken the third place. I am very glad that Daniil will now play for NAVI. 

Matic and Mequ were the main offense vanguard of the DreamEaters team: they've become the runner-up of PUBG Mobile Club Open spring split finals, and they have gotten the 11th place in the PUBG Mobile World League 2020. We've already introduced the crown jewel of the team — OldBoy. Dima has an unlimited motivation and desire to show his best in NAVI. 

Unfortunately, due to age restrictions, the team will not be able to attend the PEC in full force: Mequ and Tixzy will stay at home, where they could play the CIS Challenger Series ($ 5000) from October 26 to November 1. We will inform you about the changes on the upcoming tournament in China later.

ruVitalii “Matic” Shulga
NAVI PUBG Mobile player

I am very glad that I had the opportunity to join Natus Vincere, such a great organization. These are undoubtedly the new opportunities, and I am grateful for the chance they've given me.

This is one of the most important and turning points in my life. I have been a fan of NAVI since I was a child, so it is a great honor for me to represent the team.

NAVI PUBG Mobile Roster:

ua Dmytro “OldBoy” Bui
ru Vitalii “Matic” Shulga
ru Alexey “Mequ” Tolov
ru Daniil “Tixzy” Suchkov

ru Alexander “Glory” Manoil (manager)

We would like to thank DreamEaters management for their professionalism in handling player transfers.