NAVI Junior in the Flashpoint Season 2 qualifiers

CS2 / News / 9 October 2020 — 18:20

The matches will start on October 8 at 18:00.

NAVI Junior will participate in the qualification of Flashpoint Season 2. The qualifying stage will be held by the Single Elimination bracket from October 8th to 9th. Most matches will be played up to one victory, and in the last two rounds, the winners will be determined in the best of 3.

The qualification will begin on October 8th at 18:00. Most likely, there will be no official broadcast of the first matches, so follow the performances of NAVI Junior in this news. #navination

Teams Stage Format Start time CEST Match page
October 8
NAVI Junior168kz AURA GAMING 1/256 bo1 Over
NAVI Junior1610ru bezotca 1/128 bo1 Over
NAVI Junior2220pl lluminar Gaming 1/64 bo1 Over
NAVI Junior1612pl Wisla Krakow 1/32 bo1 Over
October 9
NAVI Junior20de ALTERNATE aTTaX 1/16 bo3 Over
NAVI Junior00zz For slot in CQ bo3 20:55
 ua NAVI Junior ru ETHEREAL pl HONORIS  kz K23
 ru HellRaisers ru ESPADA pl Illuminar Gaming  by Nemiga Gaming
 ru Cyber Legacy eu Team Exellency pl AVEZ  hu Budapest Five
 ru Gambit Esports zz fr LDLC OL  bg SKADE
 ru 1win zz Prodigy de ALTERNATE aTTaX  eu Endpoint